Live the Magically extraordinary life that's uniquely yours!

Live the Magically extraordinary life that's uniquely yours!


Personal Transformation

to unshackle your inner excellence!

Liberate your curiosity and Discover the magic within you.


I'm Nadin.

I'm so glad you are here. 

I believe that we all are capable of a lot more than we are made to believe we are.

No matter what unfulfilled dreams you may have, no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in, you can absolutely turn it around to a life that you can dream of and believe in.

My mission is to help you design and build a life of true passion - a life of transformational growth and conscious co-creation, in Life & Business.

manifest miracles

Are you letting your dreams die while life seems like an endless struggle?

It doesn't have to be that way. if you can suspend disbelief for a while and train your mind to manifest the ideal outcomes for all your endeavors, in all areas of your life.

Has your journey in Manifestation resulted only in receiving a surprise bouquet of your favorite flowers, a dime on the sidewalk or maybe a 3-figure "unexpected" tax refund?

But are the life altering, the so called "big" things, continue to elude you?

That's because some critical elements of the manifestation process are missing - they are not taught by anyone. 

After more than twenty five years of playing around and trying different modalities, I have found what works.

And with the right guidance, you can make it work for you too. Just remember - you are unique, you are one in 8 billion, and you are the master of your destiny.

Give it a try - the right way, and see for yourself. What if there's something to it? What if it works? Wouldn't your life change forever? What have you got to lose?


I'm Nadin

I'm so glad you are here. 

Like all my endeavours, this platform was born out of my own passions – passion for personal transformation, and life exploration.

You are extraordinary. You are an unique entity, here in this world, to fully experience anything and everything that you may ever want to. Recognize that and experience the success and abundance that you desire and deserve, by fully embracing all that you really are. This is your superpower.

This site is to help you become the abundant person of your dreams and explore the infinite possibilities that this life has to offer.

Celebrate yourself. Celebrate your life. Your success is inevitable.

I'm ready for

Mindful Life Design

Ignore the hocus-pocus and manifest everything you ever wanted in life. From business, wealth & success, to great relationships and joy - you can design and live  whatever you are dreaming of.


Make a Difference!

I have seen the plight of children in unfathomable living conditions. They are just children and they deserve to have a fair chance at their lives. What little can we do for them?

Rath Group International pledges at least 10% of all revenue to the education and upliftment of underprivileged children.